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orangepi has designed three different size LCD modules, inlcude 3.5 inch, 5.0 inch and 7.0 inch.
3.5 inch LCD module is RGB interface with 320*240 resolution.
5.0 inch LCD module is RGB interface with 640*480 resolution.
7.0 inch LCD module is LVDS interface with 1024*600 resolution.

Replace the configuration file

In order to use the LCD module, you need modify the script.bin file in your OS. You can donwload the modified file for each size LCD module from orangepi github:

Enter into the fex_configuration:

cd fex_configuration

You will find two directories, bin and fex. In the bin directories there are compiled bin files that you can use it directly.
Enter the bin directory:

cd bin

You will see 6 bin files, 3 for Orange Pro and 3 for OrangePi. On Orange Pro, you need use the files named Orange_pro_Xlcd.bin. On Orange Pi, you need use the files named Orange_pi_Xlcd.bin. Rename the corresponded bin file you want to use to script.bin file, and replace the new script.bin file with the old on in your OS.

Connect the LCD module

You need connect the LCD module into the CON2 interface on the OrangePi board.

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