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2015-06-04 11:32:22Apply for Orange Pi

1.Application conditions (in one of the following conditions).

free education (free education based on Orange Pi)

  • To launch the open source projects of free education based on Orange Pi;

Start a Porject (A software or hardware projects, based on Orange Pi)

  • For any open source projects, based on Orange Pi, are helpful to the public welfare and education;
  • To develop Orange Pi-based open source hardware peripherals projects;

Orange Pi Fans (Do something for Orange Pi)

  • Whoever is willing to participate in Orange Pi's development community and undertake maintenance Work, such as Orange Pi's system development and transplantation;
  • To create tutorial, user guide, wiki or video guide for the Orange Pi users, and distribute them under the license of CC BY-SA 3.0.

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free education :

CC BY-SA 3.0:

2.Application procedure

Step 1. Visit Orangepi Forum and login your user ID.

  • New members should register an ID.

Step 2. Post a poll in Trail Application. Voting is valid in one month.

  • Choose the ‘Open source education’ section to start your project(check the application conditions above)
  • Post a Poll
  • Fill the poll name and options

Step 3. Fill in application forms

(Click http://www.orangepi.org/orangepibbsen/plugin.php?id=wq_links:main&mod=apply)

  • Provide your personal information. Ensure information authenticity and forum link. Based on these information we will send you free products later if your post meet our application condition and gain enough “Likes” (more than 10 reviews and more than 70% likes).

Step 4.Application checking and approving

  • If your project gain more than 10 reviews and 70% “likes”, sending a short message to inform the Moderator "admin" to check your application.
  • Wait for the checking of your apply until the Moderator leave you a message and send an email. We will check the application in 2 week and mark PASS, FAIL or pending review.
  • (If your application gain reviews less than 10 or 70% likes, you could modify your post again. One more try.)

Step 5. Project feedback

If you pass the checking and gain the free products, kindly share your project processes and results with others in the community, thus you will have chance to get further more support from Xunlong Team! We are makers supporting makers.

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