Volumio v.3 for the Orange Pi Lite, Pi PC, Pi One 看全部

The new version Volumio v.3 (Orange Pi Lite, Orange Pi PC, Orange Pi One).
You can download the latest builds from the link:
Edited by VyacheslavS at 2022-3-12 20:06

Current version: 3.236
(Orange Pi Lite, Orange Pi PC, Orange Pi One & Orange Pi PC2)
  • kernel 5.15.26 (with patch (works native DSD) for USB DAC)
  • node js on OrangePi PC2 (aarch64) failed while emulating the CP15 Barrier instruction (solved)
  • add Volumio FIFO ALSA plugin to the base image

Now you can install (in manual mode) the plugin FusionDsp 3 and it works!Download the plugin FusionDsp and install:
  1. wget https://github.com/balbuze/volumio-plugins/raw/alsa_modular/plugins/audio_interface/FusionDsp/fusiondsp.zip

  1. mkdir fusion

  1. miniunzip fusiondsp.zip -d ./fusion

  1. cd fusion

  1. volumio plugin install