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jplesset 看全部
2016-1-27 12:27:37
Hello, everybody:

I have a OPi Plus, which I got because it has that SATA interface. I have Ubuntu-Mate loaded, and working ok, network is up, etc.  I simply can't find the hard drive to mount it, format it, etc.  There's no /dev/sdAnything.

Is there a driver I need to download?  Something else?  I understand it won't be fast, but USB speed is fine, I just need to connect to it.  It's a 2.5" 1tb WD drive, which works fine on my desktop systems....

mrdma 看全部
2016-2-1 12:55:41
Did you figure it out? I did some googling and found a suggestion:


  1. ls -ltr /dev/sd*

The new disk will be named sdb.

How to find not formatted disk on linux
shooreg 看全部
2016-2-1 23:28:30
Did you use updated script.bin and uimage kernel for your installation? And, btw, does your hdd start properly (anu unusual sounds from drive, or maybe dead silence) - it might be an insufficiant power issue. If so, you can try to power the drive from other source.

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