Youtube on Orange Pi 3 LTS 看全部


Is there any lightweight Youtube app that blocks ads and could run videos at 1080p on Orange Pi 3 LTS?

Tried Debian and Ubuntu Images, and both having issues with most Youtube players that I have found by not working at all (video is not showing or not alowing to install them at all), only was able to start FreeTube, but it lags even with 480p video on Orange Pi 3 LTS.

Is the bord not strong enough for 1080P video? Or my Linux skills (was none 2 days ago, and now it is still nothing better, just copy pasting provided commands) are the issue here? If so, any one could give some detail guide on what and how to install so that I could have good working Youtube without ads?

Some back story...
Bought OrangePi to block the ads shown on Smart TV's Youtube... And just found out that PiHole can not block those ads.. (or can it!?)
So decided to use the OrangePi as a TV adapter (via HDMI) that would be use to lauch youtube, posibly from browser with AdBlock (uBlock etc) or some stand alone youtube application. Possible?