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SkyKiDS 看全部
2016-1-30 12:52:05
Hi, Orange Pi users!

I have Orange Pi Plus 2 with transparent case which is on sale at official shop, Aliexpress.com.
OPi+2 fits perfectly in the case, but the enclosure is so tight that it can be easily cracked, especially the final stage of assembling of top cover.
My case is also hard to assemble and is finally cracked.
The other problem is no holes of the top for GPIO and for thermal condition. When OPi+2 runs, the SoC and other chips should be hot, so the system may be slow or down, because the case is closed.

Why don't you make the top of acryl case easily assemble and make it able to open easily?
Why don't you make some holes at the top for GPIO and fresh air come in and out?

If I have skills to make the case, then I will make with this idea.

WereCatf 看全部
2016-1-30 17:46:56
Personally, I'd go with a self-built case anyways. All the pre-built cases I've seen for RPi, OPi and the likes suck terribly. Of course, a pre-built case is less work, but they look bad, they feel bad and they, just as you noticed, may even fit bad.
tokka 看全部
2016-1-30 23:05:19
same for me as SkyKids. The case is very bad, broken  in less than one day
There is not  wireless antenna hole too, and the power button is really hard to press. Overall, connecting the gc2035 cam it became unusable, coz it point to the case.
There is a good banana pi case, with 2,5" hd enclosure too, but...we have to buy a bananapi to use it
SkyKiDS 看全部
2016-2-1 03:19:24
The very good prebuilt case comes for Banana Pi(BPI), you can see it here.
Another official(?) case is also good to open the top and to easily assemble.
jimbolaya 看全部
2016-2-26 06:55:10
I've made a case that can be assembled with M3 screws. I've attached the stl files so you can print one if you have a 3D printer. I tried making them as good as I could, but my 3D printer isn't set up very well.

If anyone's interested I can post the FreeCAD files as well.

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