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2016-2-2 08:55:13
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WARNING: Those images are using Allwinner's CedarX blobs which have license issues (https://linux-sunxi.org/CedarX)

: Use automatic or manual updates at your own risk. Settings, except script.bin, will be preserved unless something nasty happens. Manual copying KERNEL and SYSTEM files is not supported!

Currently supported boards:
- Orange Pi One (opione)
- Orange Pi Lite (opilite)
- Orange Pi PC (opipc)
- Orange Pi 2 (opi2)
- Orange Pi Plus (opiplus)
- Orange Pi Plus 2 (opiplus) <- same image as plus
- Orange Pi PC Plus (opipcplus)
- Orange Pi Plus 2E (opiplus2e)
- Banana Pi M2+ (bpim2p)
- Beelink X2 (bx2)

Latest images can be found here:

Update file for manual update (newer than images above):
https://down.nu/updates/OpenELEC ... 3330-g94644893c.tar

Changelog (of released and yet to be released features/fixes/reworks) can be found here:
https://github.com/jernejsk/Open ... 7.0?author=jernejsk

Older images can be found here: http://down.nu/images

OrangePi En

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