OpenELEC build for OPi PC with support for TV/DVB tuners 看全部

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I prepared OpenELEC (version 03-02-2016, Kodi 16 Jarvis RC3) for Orange Pi PC with support for DVB and TV tuners (tested on Pinnacle PCTV 72e and no-name IT9135 tuner), active i2c bus (tested operation bmp180 and lcd 16x2) and w1 (tested DS18B20).

To work is required server television TVHeadend:

and the addition of TV client PVR.HTS:

Additionally I compiled a few additions from the unofficial repository:
dvb-apps - (You can check the proper functioning of tuner in the console)
Midnight Commander -
wget -
htop -
i2c-tools - (Required to operate the i2c bus)
hd-idle -
php -
vim -

some photos:

(Sorry for my english, I use google translator)

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  • 2016-2-5 02:49:54
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Great! Can you share your changes to kernel configuration file? I would like to include them.
  • Floor roblad
  • 2016-2-5 06:37:39

Odezwij sie na Priv.

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Widzę sami nasi tutaj hehe
Docelowo to planuje ten OpenELEC odpalić na OPi One, ale jeszcze mi nie przysłali. I muszę cos pokombinować z odbiornikiem pilota na gpio, znalazłem takie cos pod RPi ale nie wiem czy uda mi się odpalić -

My version of the config file for the iPC. However, it requires some amendments, you will see during compilation.
Additionally, I had to copy files from kernel loboris to operate bus w1 - w1_sunxi.

TV does not work perfectly, amendments are required in kodi:
- Does not work to switch channels, kodi crash. You have to stop playback and select a different channel. However switching channels it works  when I'm in the epg.
- If it is enabled deinterlacing artifacts appear in the image during fast scenes.
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