OpenELEC build for OPi PC with support for TV/DVB tuners 看全部

  • 96# dando
  • 2018-1-13 05:23:44
Sorry for the double post.

I am using jernej's official build from the sticky thread.
It seems there is an update for OpenELEC - attached is a screen photo, albeit in Bulgarian.

Is it safe to update?

Also, which is the correct way to update Kodi (I would like to stay with 16, however, so minor updates only).
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  • 97# wojtal
  • 2018-4-24 21:28:01
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pozdrawiam Rodaków !
Hello, i bought this stick and plug in my OpenELEC... But tvheadend not showing my DVB driver... Can anyone help me?
I have installed openelec and tvheadend but when i scan muxes it are all "fail".
Sorry for my bad english.I have attached a video to verify my problem.
link video:

Thank you.
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