OpenELEC build for OPi PC with support for TV/DVB tuners 看全部

  • 16# jernej
  • 2016-2-7 04:07:38
quote: starsail0r replied at 2016-2-6 14:23
jernej or @gutek@, can you point me how i can compile openelec with s2-liplianin or drivers ...

Probably the easiest way would be creating a driver package. Take a look at wireless driver in packages/linux-drivers/ for example.

  • 17# warik
  • 2016-2-10 05:29:40
Edited by warik at 2016-2-10 21:13

I don't found I2C in your image:
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  • 18# cbm80
  • 2016-2-10 15:01:12
Edited by cbm80 at 2016-2-10 15:10

Do kopiowania na i z emmc sa jakies gotowe skrypty w dostepnych Linuxach. Zdaje sie, ze gdzies tutaj nawet byl tutorial jak to wgrac.
Nie mam emmc, mam zwykle Orange Pi PC tak wiec wiecej nie pomoge.

  • 19# cbm80
  • 2016-2-10 15:06:28
Edited by cbm80 at 2016-2-10 15:23

@gutek@ - jestes tym gosciem, ktory robil kiedys modyfikacje fw do tunera Wiwa HD50?

Those 2 plugins for DVB-T I need to install via KODI?

For IR receiver on Orange Pi One you can connect it to Allwinner H3 like in the schemes from Orange Pi PC. There are a lot of testing points on Pi One board so maybe it is even directly available.
There are only 2 resistors and 1 capacitor necessary, but I think it should work fine with only 10k pull-up resistor for IR_RX.
quote: cbm80 replied at 2016-2-10 15:06
@gutek@ - jestes tym gosciem, ktory robil kiedys modyfikacje fw do tunera Wiwa HD50?

Those 2 plugin ...

Tak to ja.
Obydwa pliki instalujesz jako dodatki do Kodi.
Z ir będę próbował jak mi przyjdzie Opi One, na dniach powinienem mieć.

Yes, it's me.
Both files are installing as an additions to Kodi.
With ir I will try as I will Opi One, in a few days I should have.

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