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warik 看全部
2016-2-8 04:56:11

I find one visualization which works with OpenELEC on OPi PC. This visualization in repositories .
Somebody found working visualization?
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jernej 看全部
2016-2-8 05:54:22
You can compile anything in this folder and then load
jernej 看全部
2016-2-8 04:59:42
I suppose that visualization is binary addon? If so, you can always compile it yourself as described in FAQ topic under PVR compiling (just be sure that you set PVR=no).
warik 看全部
2016-2-8 05:10:47
I think this binary addon. But I don't know addon name. I can look list all addons?
jernej 看全部
2016-2-8 05:20:43
Check folder "packages/mediacenter/kodi-binary-addons"
warik 看全部
2016-2-8 05:43:31


jernej replied at 2016-2-8 05:20
Check folder "packages/mediacenter/kodi-binary-addons"

I can load anything addon on this folder?

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