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AcidBurns 看全部
2016-2-18 07:31:32
Edited by AcidBurns at 2016-2-25 21:10

Based on the Image from Jacer (http://www.orangepi.org/orangepi ... =867&extra=page%3D1) I created an minimal image running with XFCE4 (instead of LXDE). All dev-packages, all games, all useless tools etc. pp are removed.

The distribution is upgraded to Testing/Strech, which gives the newest packages but minor bugs and inconsistens apt states can be exepcted. To keep the GPU functioning, all x-server packages are pinned to the jessie stable distribution.
Glmark2-es2 is installed for being able to test the working gpu accel; vdpauinfo is also installed to verify the 2D accel. Output is set to HDMI with Full HD, sound over hdmi is also set and working.
The Glmark has about 75 Points and 90 Frames per second in the horse test.

MD5: 0fea772d414229e91e97d1eaaa161f28
SHA1: cc10605371f5a3bf4e9c89fc174c58814f877e48
Size: 764MB, installed: 2.56GB, free space on root-system: ~600MB

Download: User: orangepi Password: t3eHbd5v                        
Link: https://fileshare.zdv.uni-mainz.de/xGHAC0LhrUZAxLbPurGkAg.repo

Debian Login Username and Password: orangepi
Passwort for root also orangepi (please change both!!!)

The distribution is german, however, it is very easy to change the language:
Open a terminal and type: sudo su --> become root, you have to enter "orangepi" as password.
apt clean && apt update && apt install --reinstall locales --> making sure locales is up to date
dpkg-reconfigre locales --> choose your language and note down the code (e.g. "en_EN.UTF8")
nano /etc/default/locales --> replace de_DE.UTF8 in this file with your code noted above
nano /etc/default/keyboard --> Change XKBLAYOUT="de" to match your keyboard layout. E.g. "en"
passwd root --> choose a new (SECURE!) root password.
passwd orangepi --> choose a new (SECURE!) password, which you have to type in on every login.

Happy using!



jeevasv 看全部
2016-2-18 14:09:13
Edited by jeevasv at 2016-2-18 14:17

That is a nice effort, Kudos.

Could you please update the image with a kernel patched upto 110. the pathches are availabel here and it applies cleanly.

https://github.com/jernejsk/Open ... ts/H3/patches/linux

This will really benefit everyone.

BTW.. vdpau is for Video acceleration and not for 2d graphics acceleration. 3d graphics acceleration is the job of Mali and Video is done by cedarx in H3. 2d acceleration  is done by g2d unit in some allwinner SoC's. But in H3 there is no dedicated 2D graphics unit and hence should be accelerated by the Cortex-A7's Neon SIMD instructions.
AcidBurns 看全部
2016-2-18 22:44:35
sure, no problem.
just point me to the right kernel sources. I think maintaining the 3d accel support is more crucial than going to newest kernels.
So should I choose the original linux sunxi legacy kernel:
git clone https://github.com/linux-sunxi/linux-sunxi.git

or the loboris patched one (i have no idea what he patched, but i'm running his kernel in the debian stretch right now):
jeevasv 看全部
2016-2-19 08:21:44


AcidBurns replied at 2016-2-18 22:44
sure, no problem.
just point me to the right kernel sources. I think maintaining the 3d accel suppor ...

I think probably it is better to start with Allwinner source from below and then apply all the patches :


nicolettacau 看全部
2016-3-3 16:45:58
Hi AcidBurns,
it looks like the link is now broken. I would be very interested in trying your version, could you re-upload it please?

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