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Android desktop on the OrangePi Plus

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Edited by tristann at 2016-2-23 08:41

So welp after some time actually trying to find something to do with the OPi, I stumbled upon RemixOS. That cought my eye and naturally I starting investigating, but I did not find anything to get Remix OS working on an ARM device. Then after some extensive googling I found Phoenix OS which does have an ARM image. So now it's done downloading and I'm gonna try to get it running with the 3.4 kernel or maybe 4.5.
Please correct me if I'm wrong in the following edits.
Stay tuned!

21.02.16 03:34 - 21.02.15 04:27
Extracted the tar file and now I have those android *.img files. I used simg2img to convert them to raw image files and mounted them as loop devices.
  1. simg2img <*.img file> <output> ( I used *.raw.img)
  2. sudo mount -o loop <*.raw.img file> <directory>
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Well then, the most interesting *.img files for me were system.img & boot.img, the others (cache.img, recovery.img, bootloader.img & userdata.img) I left alone, but I may return.
The boot.img is a different type. In it are the linux kernel and ramdisk.
So my boot device will have 2 partitions, 1 for boot and the other for rootfs (system.img + userdata.img). First is the boot partition, the hardest part. I have extracted the ramdisk and found a lot of init.rc files, inside of them are some important lines for starting wifi, usb, etc. which I need to change to my devices needs, gonna read trough them. Could I get systemd working? Well getting back to this tommorrow, or any other day.
Any help is very much appreciated!

23.02.16 00:54
So what I'm gonna do is install android normally on an SD card (need to get my hands on windows). And then mount the made partitions and start exchanging parts with phoenixOS.
Android Firmware - OrangePi Might be useful.
Will report when I'll start with this.
Have a good one,

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