Testing : Latest prebuilt images [2016/2/19] 看全部

Edited by campioncino at 2016-2-22 02:14

Hello, I'm testing the latest prebuilt image [2016/2/19] , and it looks almost perfect!!!
First of all:
Thanks a lot for your work!!

What I have tested:
First of all I configured my wifi and tested ssh passing a picture ---> it works! (but I can't make a screenshot of a movie)
then I tried to open an hd movie from usb --> it works!
at the end I tried to add Plexus and Castaway to my Kodi and it works perfectly!!

Kodi Web Interface works too

I tested all on my Opi Plus

Closing remarks:
The power button seems not work - is it a normal behaviour?
What about CEC? will be supported?
Is possible to copy to emmc?

I do not have a Sata HDD, so I don't konw if it works.

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