Information Codec X265 ? 看全部

Hello I have a Raspberry Pi with 2 OpenELEC everything works properly apart from the management of X265 codec 720p and 1080p.

Is the Orange Pi PC, works with the X265 codec in 720p resolution?
Also the HDMI CEC work?

Thank you

ps: I would not buy a card that the same thing as the Raspberry Pi 2

  • Sofa jernej
  • 2016-2-22 01:57:34
Yes, H265 works ok.

No, HDMI CEC doesn't work.
quote: jernej replied at 2016-2-22 01:57
Yes, H265 works ok.

No, HDMI CEC doesn't work.


you have a video demonstration for the X265 ?
Just a nitpick: x265 is just a software - encoder, it's not a codec itself. H265/HEVC is the codec, and x265 produces H265/HEVC video -- there is no codec called x265. Lame, for example is an MP3 encoder -- it produces MP3 files, the codec itself isn't called Lame. There are multiple H265/HEVC encoders, both software - based and hardware - based, like I often use NVENC included in my GPU to produce H265/HEVC - video as it's so much faster than doing it in software.

When asking questions or talking about it you should talk about H265 or HEVC unless you specifically mean the encoder called x265.
  • 5# tushar
  • 2016-2-29 17:13:40
Hi jernej

Can you provide any info on how did you play it? I mean which image did you use? I am guessing android?
Appreciate if you can help me with this
I bought the board reading H3 Quad-core Cortex-A7 H.265/HEVC 4K
But I can not play HEVC videos.