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Lenok01 看全部
2022-4-23 00:31:03
Hello forum members. Recently met a man who has a service dog, but I do not quite understand the meaning of the word. How are these dogs different from regular dogs that we take home as pets? I would be grateful for an explanation.
William_Cole 看全部
2023-1-31 22:57:25
You better tell me what kind of food is better to use for large dogs like rottweiler and labrador?
FredTompson 看全部
2023-2-2 19:51:52
I like dogs more than cats because dogs tend to be more social and interact with their owners than cats. They are also often more trainable, which can make them easier to manage at home. They're also not picky about food, especially since I found a great article, check out the original source, that describes the best dry dog food.
charlly 看全部
2023-2-12 14:05:29
Due to their propensity for social interaction and interaction with their owners, dogs are my preference above cats. Additionally, they are frequently  use CBD oil for sleep   more trainable, which can make them simpler to control at home. In terms of eating, they are also not choosy.

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