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2016-2-25 04:21:57
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Hi All.
I am planning to Buy at least 33 Orange PI-PC from AliExpress for a Specific Cluster Project with some Orange PI One Boards to play a little.

Need to have the Wiring Schematics of this two Boards to know if the Ethernet Connection on the otherside are free to be soldered and used by me for Powering the Boards over Ethernet aka PoE.

Tryed to downlowd something from the Download Resource Page but nothing Works.
Every Link i tryed for Downloading is either broken, non working or Empty!

This is really Pitty as it uphold me to make the Order.
Can somebody please urgent give me to Schematics of the Boards so i am able to See if i can Wire the two ootside Connection Pair of the Ethernet to the Power or tell me if its Okey at least!
Thanks a Lot for any Help!

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2016-9-10 10:58:21
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Hi All.
Just wanted Report that i buyed the needed Orange PIs but Power over Ethernet is not possible as i thinked with the Orange PIs!
Orange PI has Ethernet Sockets soldered that prevent the usage of the unused ethernet copper pairs for powerusage.
The Unused Pins on the Orange PIs are also connected to the Ground with resistors and other elements.

So a easy possibility to power Orange PI over Ethernet does not Exist unfortanly.

Big Problem is also NetBoot. I could not find any possibility to that Orange PIs can be boot easy in a Cluster using NetBoot over the Network.
Becouse of this missing possibility to Boot the Orange PI's over the Network with NetBoot you need to buy for every Orange PI a SD Card that at the end increase
the Costs of the Project based on what SD Card Type you buy from 50% to nearly 200%.

What i discovered also is that without Heatsink and in most cases without a Cooling Fan the Orange PI's can not be really used if you want to have some good performance
and not a very slow 50 MHZ Pentium 1 Computer.
So you need always to buy Heatsinks and Cooling Fan's to be able to run the Orange PI's at a good speed to prevent freezes and low speed.

Another Problem that i just come around is also the Old Kernel that exisit.
I am in need for a new 4.X Kernel for the Orange PI's Urgently.
Lot of Software Package and Network Programms do not work anymore under this old Kernel.

I will report more as soon i get further with this Problems.
I really wish for feature Versions of Orange PI's the Problem with the old Kernel is solved and we finally get a new Mainline Kernel version for the Orange PI's.
Also having a Power over Ethernet and Netboot option implemented could drsticly increase demand for the Orange Pi's and lower the costs.

Hop to see soon some more Improved Versions of Orange Pi's as for the moment the Orange PI's are only a second best choise at least for me becouse of the Problems mentioned above. Pitty!

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2019-12-26 00:51:58
Hi Everyone !

hope you are all having fun with your Orange PI's

Here is my latest Picture of my full working Orange PI Cluster.

Have done a lot to get it look like this :-)

Is probably the only One Worldwide that Looks that pretty :-)

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2016-2-28 17:04:51
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HI rodolfo!
Hi trpaslikcz!
Hi Manjup!

Thanks a lot for your Helpful Tips and Links!

Thanks a lot for all your Helpful Tips.
I Supported your Replys. If i could give you Maximal Credits for the Replys i would do it but dont see anywhere a Link for Pay you some Credits back for the Help!

P.S. Next thing would be Boot over Ethernet :-)
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2016-2-25 04:53:46
Edited by rodolfo at 2016-2-24 21:59

http://forum.armbian.com/index.p ... ew-of-orange-pi-pc/

Watch out - there is little to no support from the seller.

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2016-2-25 12:16:44
You may face issues from Customs and Import Department in your country, they may hold your PI's .. check with them before you order

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2016-2-28 18:04:29
Edited by Manjup at 2016-2-28 18:07


LinuXperia replied at 2016-2-28 17:04
HI rodolfo!
Hi trpaslikcz!
Hi Manjup!

Thanks even i didint knew about powering the device over ethernet.
But please check with the Customs department, mine required a call to them to release it.
Also check: <url>http://www.armbian.com/download/<url>
They have the updated images
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