WiFi dongle for OpenELEC 看全部

I don't want to wait for Orange Pi Lite release and wanted to buy cheap WiFi dongle now (for OPiPC or One). There are many choices on Aliexpress for below $1.80 and eBay <$2.
Which one do you suggest to buy, can anyone confirm which exactly model works correctly with current kernel modules?
- on AE I found model based on 8188EUS chip for $1.69, will it work?
- on eBay there are dongles on RT5370
All cheap dongles look exactly the same, sellers sometimes add information about used chipset.

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Most of the Aliexpress/ebay dongles should work. Realtek 8188/8192/8189 series and Ralink Rt5370/mt7601 should all work

See this post:

http://www.orangepi.org/orangepi ... &fromuid=525994