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Gumungus 看全部
2016-3-5 01:25:14
In download section (http://www.orangepi.org/downloadresources/) I found:
- Orange Pi Plus2 and Plus
- Orange Pi One and Orange Pi PC
- Orange Pi2
- Orange Pi Mini2

I have just Orange PI, which is not listed above (also it is disappeared from model list, but I saw it there long time ago). Probably it is replaced by Orange Pi Plus, but I,m not sure.

Manjup 看全部
2016-3-5 11:28:22
Use these images most of the drivers and software  will work

Gumungus 看全部
2016-3-5 14:47:06


trpaslikcz replied at 2016-3-5 01:31
Orange Pi Plus is incompatible to original Orange Pi. Both are full supported by Armbian: http://www ...

Thank you, I will try

Gumungus 看全部
2016-3-5 14:48:49

I expected to found software here, but anyway I will try. Thank you

tokka 看全部
2016-3-5 16:29:59
You can try qbee-x too
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