OrangePI (H3) TOR anonymizing / I2P middlebox 看全部

Hello everyone!

I've made a quite simple project, which turns your OrangePI PC (H3) to a TOR/I2P middlebox.

After installing, you will be able to use internet via TOR and access i2p websites by utilizing new WiFi Access Point. It creates you new WiFi network.
It also bundled with WEB GUI, which allows you some basic operations, like mode switching, reboot, etc.
Couple of WiFi adapters are supported out-of-the-box - 8188eu and mt7601(ap mode).

  • OrangePi PC (H3)
  • 2 GB sd card (or may be 4GB)
  • Compatible wifi dongle (see above) - but virtually any dongle with AP support will work, of course, if you have drivers.
  • Ethernet connection with DHCP to give OPi "initial" internet to anonymize

  • Test on OrangePI mini (my board on it's way)
  • Add support to canonical Raspberry Pi. Need to build drivers (at least)

Know issues:
  • Error messages during TOR installation from debian repository (it's normal since system tries to clean-up previous TOR) - can be ignored
  • Installation process is quite long, since requires a lot of downloads.

Please follow README on GitHUB to avoid any issues.

Russian translation of readme coming, will update when it will be available.

  • Sofa znoxx
  • 2016-3-8 00:01:48
Russian description:
  • Bench oggstar
  • 2016-10-16 18:57:23
I tried this for the 2E and the ethernet does not work, I guess I need to find a driver and install it, but how? Any directions would be helpful
  • Floor oggstar
  • 2016-10-21 04:21:50
I have also tried to adapt my own image to this purpose with no success.. Please help  
  • 5# Tina
  • 2016-11-13 03:48:20
Did anyone test to use a android mobile connected via usb and tethering and the local network of the OPI PC connected to the LAN?
I just ordered my OPI PC and just want to brainstrom a bit before it arrives ;)