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gurmeet1109 看全部
2016-3-12 17:02:35
Hello Steven,

Any plans to release new version of Orange Pi PC on lines of Rpi3 or Odroid C2 but at the same cost (US $ 15).

My use cases :
- Switching relays (40 pin GPIO is a must).
- IpTV. OpenElec / Kodi. HW Accel helps here.
- Audio Stream Server. MPD / MPC. (See runeaudio for RPI)
- CUPS for enabling USB printer over LAN / wifi. All USB ports should work.
- Light weight desktop replacement. My Opi PC is hooked to a HDMI monitor & speakers.

Atech 看全部
2016-3-14 20:26:10


tgenc replied at 2016-3-14 19:19
i think the onboard wifi is one of the most important thing for new version

Yes thats right BUT other then this having onbard flash will also do away with one of the most prevelant issue and that is the SD cards issue ... there are so so many types of SD cards available with so many different specs that almost every day we can see people complaining image burning and booting issues ... so I think having onboard flash will standardise this thing and we will see a big number down in complains here ...

tgenc 看全部
2016-3-14 20:35:49
i think onboard flash can be also a disadvantage. now I can buy 2-3 different micro sd cards and can install different operating systems to these cards. just switch micro sd card and can use my orange pi with different operating systems.
just my idea
engshien 看全部
2016-3-30 09:21:13


Atech replied at 2016-3-14 18:07
The good news is that very soon OP-PC-PLUS will be launched , PC-PLUS will be same as original OP-PC ...

The beauty of the Orange Pi PC is what is there is done well. I think adding 8GB Flash pre-installed with a good OS will be a good addition--having used another board with a pre-installed OS.

However, I would humbly recommend that you leave out the onboard WiFi. The assumption is that the end user wants WiFi at all and if they do, that 150N is sufficient. Instead, I recommend that you sell SUPPORTED USB 2.0 WiFi dongles (150N, 300N, and AC600) at a reasonable price.

Instead of onboard WiFi, maybe consider adding one or more of the following:
  • 2GB RAM
  • 1GB ethernet
  • Real SATA support

Yes, I have the Orange Pi Plus 2, but it is limited by USB ports sharing one hub, slow WiFi (~40Mbps thruput), and pitiful SATA. At that price point ($49 USD), the slow WiFi and pitiful SATA are value-subtracts.. better leave them out and sell it for less or keep the profit.

gurmeet1109 看全部
2016-3-12 17:04:10
The main ask is same cost (US $15 or less).

2 GB RAM will be a great added bonus.
geev03 看全部
2016-3-12 17:38:55
Edited by geev03 at 2016-3-12 17:43


gurmeet1109 replied at 2016-3-12 17:04
The main ask is same cost (US $15 or less).

2 GB RAM will be a great added bonus.

yes, 2 GB RAM ... Even with 1GB RAM an Orange Pi PC server  has just clocked 100 days uptime
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gurmeet1109 看全部
2016-3-13 14:17:10
Hello theguyuk,

I cannot get Odroid C2 or Rpi 3 for 15 USD. That is where Orange Pi PC comes in.

I understand the frustration.
I procured the board in December and have been struggling even since to get even the basic things working.

Truth of the matter is that unless Xunlong keeps pushing the envelope, both on the hardware side and join hands with the community and the experts who have voluntarily contributed endless hours, code and bandwidth to set things right on the software side, it is just a matter of time, before they become irrelevant.

I would love and like to retain the option for a 15 USD board running as a headless server for the use cases that I have written above.

gurmeet1109 看全部
2016-3-13 14:21:42
"A version of Android set to English on install as many still struggle to change the Chinese language."

On the android version I installed, it was a simple configuration, to set the language to English and then move forward. Youtube was my guide there. I do not know chinese but have basic pattern recognition skills and could make out the characters written there.

I used andriod only briefly as it does not fit onto any of my use cases, and things might have changed since then.
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