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zhao_steven 看全部
2015-2-25 20:57:40
Kali linux for Orange Pi will come soon. Thank Orange Pi fans.
RaveenBouy 看全部
2015-2-27 17:53:55
waiting for this   
zhao_steven 看全部
2015-3-1 04:02:41
Thank you.
sage22 看全部
2015-4-8 12:27:24

lol Im new to orange pi do you think someone could give me some some pointers how to boot anyother OS besides this android default OS. I wrote the Lubuntu image frm the Orange Pi site onto an SD card as i would do to boot my Rasberry pi and it stops the board from powering on all together? everything seems to work as far as wifi adapter and what not but this Android has to go ASAP
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ronkajitsu 看全部
2015-4-13 19:18:49

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