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y52 看全部
2016-4-12 03:48:25
I wonder if it is possible to power up the OPIs with the power supplies from classical PCs, like ATX ? What would be the wiring to switch on the power and bring the 5 V to the SBC ?

gnasch 看全部
2016-4-13 07:14:13
you would need something like this:


for the power connection.

To run the opi, i connected ground (black) and +5V SB (Pin9, purple) to this connector.
My ATX supply delivers 2.5 A on standby, without even being switched on.
This way the opi runs silently.

via software, using a GPIO pin and a Transistor you can pull down PS_ON (Pin 14 or 16, green)
to start the power supply and power LEDs or motors or such.
y52 看全部
2016-5-5 20:58:59
This is a great knowledge. Thanks.  
Mritke 看全部
2016-5-20 20:00:17
You can  connect the +5V SB pin to pin 4 on OPi gpio header, and ground to pin 6.(this work on my setup)

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