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david1cameron 看全部
2022-5-29 18:34:26
Can someone steal a car just by knowing the VIN number?
jjames777 看全部
2022-5-29 18:36:33
Possible but difficult.

With the VIN you can call the dealership and order a new key. Even a smart key: https://www.megazap.fr/Le-meilleur-decodeur-VIN-lors-de-l-achat-d-une-voiture_a9186.html With the exception of Honda and Ford as far as I know. A Honda or Ford needs to be programmed at the dealership. A responsible dealership will ask you for proof of ownership.
david1cameron 看全部
2022-5-29 18:40:21
However, dealerships do have the ability to cut a key from the VIN that will unlock the doors.. And in the case of a GM vehicle, the security system can be programmed to accept the new key in 30 minutes, thus allowing the car to be stolen..

JacksonMonson 看全部
2022-11-8 10:56:31
The VIN is a serial number associated with every motor vehicle and identifies each car. The VIN number is a two-part code that includes a manufacturer and series identification and there you can check VIN number breakdown and read guide there. This helps the government know how many vehicles are made by one company, what type of model was built, and when it wesgocmiqas built.
JoshuaMarou 看全部
2022-11-24 15:28:44
The VIN number is usually the only thing that comes off your car when it's sold. But it's not always a strong enough identifying code to prevent theft and there you can go to resource to check VIN number. For example, you can change the VIN on a car and have it be "new" at a dealership or an auto body shop, according to The Wall Street Journal.

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