OPI PC acting NAS 看全部

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Hi guys,

could you advise me on using OPI PC as NAS with following services:

- Centralized file storage
- Backup from laptops and mobiles
- Automatic torrents downloader
- Automatic sync/backing up on Megacloud if possible

Should I use Debian Jessie OS with plugins and software packages installed or should I use Openmedia vault or Free NAS packages.
Personally I would like to use Debian in desktop environment in order to learn Linux usage, but is it pracical for NAS.


I just read a post about OPi and NAS in the forums on Armbian, maybe go there for answers! I am a NOOB so I couldn't give a better answer.
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  • 2016-8-19 17:14:07
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quote: - Centralized file storage

100M ethernet isnt good for file storage. Network speed is slow - about 11 Mbytes a second

quote: - Backup from laptops and mobiles

Background backups only are good. Reason is above

quote: - Automatic torrents downloader

Shure. However there are no built in tools on PC/tablets to start download on Orange PI. You need to start browser on OPI and click on some .torrent to start downloading.
I am using Remote client (VNC) for Windows & iPad.

quote: - Automatic sync/backing up on Megacloud if possible

Megatools are absent on Ubuntu 15.04 repo, but im pretty shure it could be compiled on OPI from source.
Will write later.

UPDATE1: Megafuse doesnt work on my Ububtu 15.04 @ PI. Dont know why. Segmentation just fault (core dumped)
UPDATE2: Megatools works fine for me. Sync and backups requires few scripting using megatools.


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  • 2018-8-16 00:34:19
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dear friends

new to OPI

i own a Orange Pi
- pc
- prime

question;  does the  Orange Pi NAS Expansion card (also know as Orange-Pi-Zero-NAS-Expansion-board-Interface-board )
fit to these above mentioned boards too

love to hear from you

ps - what i mean is this: "Orange Pi Zero NAS Expansion Board Interface Board Support All Types Of Orange" -

is it useful to have this expansion board interface to create a NAS with the orange pi pc and the prime!?

im using the Orange Pi PC 2 (1 Gigabit Eth) with an USB HDD as an  NAS.
OS: Armbian
transfer-speed is: ~30 MB/s
i think my HDD is limiting the transfer, but it is enough for me.