Orange Pi Zero 2, USB-Hub and RTL-SDR 看全部

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i got the Orange Pi Zero 2 with one single external USB Port run
with the Debian Image

I had connected
  • a GPS Mouse
  • an USB-memory-stick (micro SD-card through mini adapter) and
  • an RTL-SDR USB-dongle

through an USB 2.0 Hub.

  • all 3 devices show up with 'lsusb'
  • rtl_test does show the connected RTL-SDR with the builtin tuner type and serial
  • but, when it comes to test / receive data with 'rtl_sdr', it hangs/freezes!

Disconnecting the USB-Hub and connecting the RTL-SDR directly to the USB-jack, 'rtl_test' and 'rtl_sdr' work fine.

I had tried with an USB 2.0 Hub similar to this model:
A very similar USB Hub didn't show any connected devices with 'lsusb'!
Can't find other USB-Hub at home now ..

Does someone else have similar experience?
Are there problems in the USB kernel drivers?

with a 10 port USB-2.0 Hub very similar to this model:
everything works fine - even without plugging power to the Hub.

Does this indicate a too high power consumption from previous USB-Hub?
Any ideas?