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rufik 看全部
2016-4-20 18:31:43
Anyone knows UPS solution dedicated to OPI 2 or OPI PC?
Something like UPS PIco Hat for RPi: http://www.modmypi.com/raspberry-pi/breakout-boards/pi-modules/ups-pico

I'd like to run home headless server and UPS is must-have to avoid data corruption.
rufik 看全部
2016-4-25 17:15:05
Maybe someone knows if any OPI is compatible with RPi HAT Specification?
rodolfo 看全部
2016-4-27 03:10:53
Edited by rodolfo at 2016-4-26 20:20


I've been successfully running OPI ONEs ( smaller sibling of OPI PC ) from power banks with pass-through charging ( charging while delivering power ) as sort of "poor man's UPS".  Whether this is viable will depend on capacity of power bank ( draw / charge ) and your actual power needs ( server sounds like attached power-hungry disks ? )
Good luck.
rufik 看全部
2016-4-28 01:16:14
But this solution lacks of information about battery running flat (to make a safe shutdown) and always-charged influence on battery lifespan is unknown (especially for unattended installations).
rodolfo 看全部
2016-4-28 02:07:54
Edited by rodolfo at 2016-4-27 19:08

Another universal and simple UPS solution you could tailor to your power needs. ( a bit hard on the ears but quite clever )


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