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osator 看全部
2016-4-21 16:56:06

Anyone knows something about using Linx on Orange Pi? Oficial info tells that its working on Rpi and BBB. http://sine.ni.com/nips/cds/view/p/lang/pl/nid/212478
yh75847584 看全部
2016-4-25 10:38:01
They do work on Rpi and BBB
Armen 看全部
2016-4-25 17:54:40
Me interested too. This is a great idea have embedded labview on Orange Pi , cheap and cheerful. I will wait any good news
Armen 看全部
2016-4-29 18:43:44
Hello my collegues,
I'm trying to install labVIEW RunTime Engine (which is created via LINX project) in Orangepi or Bananapi, but there are some problems with that. For example, at first it requires RASPBIAN JESSIE, which I couldn't found anywhere for that boards. Can you support me to resolve the problem?
I can send you commands which I'm using, and also its responses. In another way, I can send you files which I tried to install and got errors.

Here is the link of that package:
http://feeds.labviewmakerhub.com ... -schroot_14.1-9.deb

And also another packages, which maybe can help you:

If you help me with this, I can do LabVIEW support part for that boards and we can get an effective embedded controller/device.

Thank you in advance. I hope you can help me with this.
Armen 看全部
2016-4-29 20:16:57
I've written them, but they said that they have no experience with that boards, but it is possible.
So, I'm tring to find someone who have experience and can help me.
At first:
1. I need to install labVIEW Run-Time engine in Orangepi.
2. I need to find the RASPBIAN JESSIE for this board.

Thank you for your response.

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