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2022-7-13 10:56:05
[size=x-small]What is the use of passive RFID tags in modern society? How to use RFID tags? What benefits can electronic labels bring to today's society? With the update of the times, RFID electronic tags have been more and more widely used. Let's briefly understand how electronic labels are widely used in the electronic label industry.
[size=x-small]As a data carrier, RFID tags can play the role of identification, project tracking and information collection. RFID electronic tags have been applied in many fields. Currently, it is mainly used in the following industries:

[size=x-small]1. Anti counterfeiting: each product has a unique RFID electronic tag, which records all product information from the source manufacturer to the sales terminal. Through scanning, detailed information records are generated.

[size=x-small]2. Production line management: wholesale RFID tags are applied to the production line, which can easily and accurately record process information and process operation information to meet the needs of flexible production. The traceability of production can be completely realized by recording the worker's job number, time, operation and quality inspection results. It can also avoid errors caused by handwriting and visual information in the production environment.

[size=x-small]3. Warehouse management: RFID electronic tags can effectively solve the information management of inventory goods. It can know the location and storage of goods in real time. It plays an important role in improving storage efficiency and guiding production.

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