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Here’s How You Determine Right Time for a Fresh Set of Tyres for Your Car

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Since your vehicle serves you, there is acertain cost you have to pay in terms of fuel as well as car maintenance. Thisalso requires you to go for a tyre replacement at some point of time.

But, how do you decide when you need a newset of tyres? However, the tyre wear and tear is quite visible with the nakedeye, but it would not be a wise decision to wait until you encounter a tyreblast. But few people are aware of the warning signs to look out for whendetermining whether it's time to replace the tyres on their car.

However, let’s take a look at this analysisbefore making a move to have a fresh set of tyres.

Has your vehicle sustained several tyrepunctures?

Once your vehicle’s tyres have lost enoughrubber over the surface, it becomes more susceptible to punctures. The nails,broken glass or any other foreign sharp objects can pierce the tyre surfaceeasily.On the other hand, thick tyre tread caneasily prevent sharp objects from piercing into a tyre.

Therefore, you should be aware of thenumber of punctures your tyres have sustained. You should not go for a drivewith too many punctures because eventually a fresh puncture maximizes theprobability of tyre blast.

You should not take care of driving oravoid driving too much if your vehicle sustains a flat tyre.

How much distance has your vehiclecovered?

The road significantly depletes the rubberin the tyres. The tyres on your car deteriorate as it travels a greaterdistance. Tyres typically begin to deteriorate after travelling 50,000kilometres. Rugged roads and frequent braking can reduce a tire's lifeexpectancy. Therefore, safe driving also guarantees longer tyre life. At most,tyres should last two to three years.

If a vehicle is kept for a long time ortravels frequently, it may occasionally suffer from significant deterioration.Even so, a tyre that has been left stationary for a long time will eventuallysuffer damage.

In such a condition, the tyre may produce asquealing sound for a few minutes once you start to drive, especially after oneor more weeks. However, you can ignore this issue, but itmay turn into a serious affair if your tyre blasts during a drive.

Have you been driving with amisalignment?

Misalignment does not pose enough troublewhile driving, but it may disturb tyres substantially. In such cases, misalignment starts totorment one side while other side will appear normal. Therefore, the wheelalignment and balancing should also be in the list  for a longer life of the new tyres. Youshould try to avail this while replacing the tyres.

Wheel rotation is also quite necessary andyou should opt for the same frequently to ensure even wear of tread. In case,the car runs unsteadily while driving,  Your car’s tyres has gone bad. However, youcan opt for a wheel alignment by a qualified mechanic at Service My Car.

Has your tire’s tread vanished?

Almost all useful automobiles and bicyclescome with treads on every tyre. Treads are essentially grooves on the surfaceof the tyre that help improve tyre-road contact. Additionally, the treads aremade to disperse water and prevent a film of water from forming between thetyre and the ground, which can lead to aquaplaning and a loss of control. Theideal depth of the tread before changing the tyres is somewhere around 0.5 cm.

If you have been noticing the vehicle’styres have lost enough tread and go far below the standard 0.5 cm. You shouldconsider for a fresh set of tyres as soon as possible. This step not only helpsyou in mitigating the risk of road risks, you also gain in terms of fuelconsumption. Your vehicle tends to consume lesser fuel with fresh piece oftyres.

When replacing a worn-out tyre, additionalsafety precautions should be taken. However, it is advisable to use the samesize tyre, and if at all possible, replace all of the tyres. Otherwise, try torotate the front tyres with the rear ones.

However, the tread pattern ought to beuniform as well. Using both new and old tyres may throw off the vehicle'sbalance. And, if you have to replace the rear set of tyres, consider having afresh one at the front or an old set at the back.

The majority of tyres available on themarket for everyday vehicles typically have a lifespan of five years. Thus,even if there is no obvious damage or tread shortage on the surface, it isadvised to change your tyres if they are older than five years.

Therefore, a regularly check of tyrepressure and taking the necessary precautions is critical to ensure roadsafety. However, if it is needed to never delay a tyre replacement, you mayalso consult a professional at Service My Car for better advice. Just book a carservice or order a car repair quote on our website or app instantly.

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