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2022-12-3 16:54:02
This post was finally edited by bluesman at 2022-12-3 16:55

There seem to be hundreds, if not thousands of spam threads and posts that have nothing at all to do with Orange Pi products.

This is a pity because clearly somebody went to the time and effort to create the forums in the first place.

With the advent of the very exciting Orange Pi 5 I feel that discussion around this and all of the other products will increase.

But the state of the forums right now mans that few will likely venture in because of all of the spam that exists.

I have previous experience of being both moderator and super moderator and as somebody that has placed an order for the Orange Pi 5 I would like to see progress move forward in the best and most productive way possible.

So if any Orange employee/admin sees this post and would like to take advantage of my services, all for free, then please contact me to discuss further.

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