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Termos 看全部
2022-12-8 06:43:02
Hi all, I'm looking for a quality waffle maker for myself, I want to give it to my mom for her birthday. She loves to make all sorts of sweets, can you recommend anything?

Andir 看全部
2022-12-8 06:43:35
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Hey buddy, that's really nice! I think I know what to advise you. I bought myself a bubble waffle maker about a year ago, it was a revelation for me, because I don't really like Belgian waffles, and these are just something, plus the diversity potential of using this waffle maker is much more, I think. You can look at this bubble egg iron it's quite a good model for a good price and quite good quality, plus it has a flipper, which is very convenient. I hope my post will be helpful for you.

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