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2023-1-8 01:46:51
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I have created a custom OPI5 micro tower. On my github link I have included the cad files and some photos. This is an ongoing project, if people have interest or ideas for custom modifications please contact me.  FYI I have also created an accurate cad file of the OPI5 sbc motherboard. By design the mainbody is 3d printed, the two outsides are acrylic and the sbc mount is acrylic as well. By design I have setup this tower as a split body so smaller 3d printers can print it.


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2023-1-18 08:39:01
First OPI5 in the world with a bracket mounted heatsink like the RPI's. All cad files on my GITHUB in first post.
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2023-1-11 08:49:17
I'm looking for any feedback on the design and suggestions.
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2023-1-12 19:44:36
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2023-1-15 18:23:52
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