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owlcreektech 看全部
2023-1-17 08:52:48
Acutally I know the answer to that and it isn't.  You have to add your own GAPPs and register it as "Custom ROM" which can be a problem if you mess up and have to do it twice or if you have too many custom ROMs registered (like I do).

Also, DO NOT install the "Full" GAPPs package, it will create some problems with some of the embedded apps (like the virtual keyboard) and other things. Use the "Basic" package. You can add other Google apps once your ROM is registered.

One more point.  Just registering your ROM does not validate it and some apps will not run due to not being completely certified.  One of the apps is "Alien: Isolation" which I own, and have been able to sideload to other non-sanctioned Android devices, but not this one.
bluesman 看全部
2023-1-19 15:55:14
Hopefully official support will come for both Android and Orange Pi OS (this was promised in the advertising).

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