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2023-1-19 10:08:46
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Hope someone enjoys this.

It will be updated later.
It's workable but not exceptional.


Full update. With base stand for venting heat.


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2023-1-23 01:56:24


bluesmanPublished in 2023-1-21 23:04
With regards to the fan you are using, is the connector set to 5v or are the terminals split so that ...

That one was a single connector.  I have both.

  Good to know!  I will cirtainly opt for the split version down the road!
   I'm just silly!  


http://www.orangepi.org/html/har ... ls/Orange-Pi-5.html

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2023-1-22 12:04:27
With regards to the fan you are using, is the connector set to 5v or are the terminals split so that you could use 3.3v?

I have found that with copper heatsinks over the SOC and RAM chips, 5v is probably overkill as I was recording temps of 27C, which is very cool but without it, I was still only getting 39C on average.

So if a fan was going to be used, having both 3.3v and 5v options in terms of the connectors covers all bases and at 3.3v the fan will be quieter too.
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2023-1-22 00:08:26
Looks very nice.

Providing access to all the interfaces would cover all bases of use.
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2023-1-19 15:49:11
Great work.

Although removing the top looks easy, I do think that every case design should have toothpick holes in the top so that the maskrom and recovery buttons can be accessed without having to dismantle anything.
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2023-1-21 12:05:42

Thank You for commenting.

   I agree.  There will be different iterations of this case.  This first release is just to get it homed.  Anyone wanting more feature are welcomed to edit and publish.  The community working togethere will create many wonderful things.  

  Thanks again and have a wonderful day.

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2023-1-21 12:46:22

Here is a nicer one.

I've gone and added the slot.
No camera slot.
Would you need that?
What will you do with your OPi 5?


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