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Jindra200 看全部
2016-4-30 14:06:50
OpenMediaVault for orange pi pc download?
Manjup 看全部
2016-5-2 13:47:58
1. Download this for PI Plus :http://simplenas.com/download/orange-plus
2. Write to SD card
3. Download respective image from http://www.armbian.com/download/
4. Write the OS to other SD card.
5. just replace the script.bin and uimage form /boot folder of armbian installed SD card and copy to Openmedia vault SD card.
6. It works and i have tested with ORANGE PI One.
yh75847584 看全部
2016-7-22 10:36:34
Did you solve your questions already?
starsail0r 看全部
2016-7-30 21:39:08
i couldn't find the uimage file you mentioned in the armbian distribution for opi pc. where is it located?
Sir_OPiPC 看全部
2016-8-20 17:27:51
Edited by Sir_OPiPC at 2016-8-20 17:39

Orange Pi PC.
After booting from the flash card image Openmediavault appears prompting you to enter Login.
Enter does not work, because the USB keyboard does not work.
Network after startup does not work, as during startup it pop`s up a message about failing to configure the network.

How do I start OMV?

OrangePi En

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