Ranking the World's Top 25 Cricket Grounds, Stadiums and Venues 看全部

Attempting to rank the world's Main 25 cricket grounds was an extremely challenging undertaking; limited's paradise can be another man's damnation.

There is an immense level of subjectivity included. For instance, most grounds have a decent air when a Test match or derby conflict is occurring.

To contain this rundown, every scene was dispensed calls attention to of 10 more than three classes (see beneath) prior to including the sums and posting them arranged by low to high.

Air: Is it at a whirlwind of sound? Does it make rival players shake in their spikes? Is the delicate wave before play starts one of life's incredible delights?

History: How long has the ground been being used for? What well known cricketing occurrences happened there? Have a plenty of records been set on that piece of consecrated turf?

Style: How pleasant is the ground to check out? How decent is its area? How is the encompassing region?

Peruse on to figure out the outcomes.

*Kindly note, just grounds that have facilitated global cricket were thought of.