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Can Players withdrawl from JILIBET?

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JILIBET can't hide lies anymore! In the beginning, it was said that there was a problem with the power system, but later it was changed to say that the system was maintained. In the end, a new website was even launched directly. The purpose of all kinds of behaviors is to delay the discovery of the truth. However, paper cannot contain fire. Finally, internal employees couldn't stand it and stood up to explain the truth of the matter. Why did it take so long to release the news? It's all due to the man behind the scenes. The suspect is the boss of a certain group. The company provides all the services a gaming platform needs, including customer operations management, website development, brand marketing, mobile app development, web design, and more. Not only that, but also game programs are available. Does it seem complicated? Simply put, they can provide a complete gaming platform for customers. There is no need for customers to invest in programming or research. They only have to sign up for the system with him to begin operating their own business. Because of such high convenience, his customers are all over Southeast Asia, including Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, India, and the Philippines. However, the more customers, the more disastrous the disaster. Finally, on January 13, things broke out. Many gaming platforms have begun to prevent players from withdrawing money. At first, everyone thought that the platform was under maintenance or there was a problem with the network connection, so they didn't care. But as time passed, everyone gradually realized the seriousness of the matter. People familiar with the matter suspect that the suspect may have taken the players' money away. It also includes funds from JILIBET.
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