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g.a.colitti 看全部
2023-2-26 02:59:50
Are there any cluster cases that would work with a cluster of 4 orange pi 5s? I'm thinking of a cluster case that may not fit exaclty and requires drilling some new holes or something simple like that. Or maybe even a 3d printable cluster case. What are my options at the moment? Any other suggestions on how to orangize and cool a cluster of 4 orange pi 5s would be appreciated!
zaiyamariya 看全部
2023-3-9 12:17:28
If you are looking for a cluster case to store your Orange Pi 5s, there are several options available. Depending on your specific needs, you may be able to find a pre-made case that fits your cluster, or you may need to drill some new holes or use a 3D-printed case. peter veres photography work Additionally, you may want to consider cooling solutions for your cluster, such as fans, heatsinks, or other cooling components. Whatever your needs, there are certainly solutions out there for your Orange Pi 5 cluster.
charlly 看全部
2023-3-28 12:35:12
It is great that you are looking for a cluster case to accommodate your cluster of 4 Orange Pi 5s. Unfortunately, there does not appear to be an exact fit available at the moment. While you could consider drilling new holes for a custom fit, that may not be the most ideal option. You could also consider a 3D printed cluster case as an alternative. Additionally, there may be other suggestions from the community  real estate services La Habra   regarding how to organize and cool a cluster of 4 Orange Pi 5s that could be worth exploring.

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