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2023-3-20 18:07:29
1. The first difference between men's and women's bikes isthat they're different colors. Men's bikes are typically a dark color, whilewomen's bikes are usually lighter colors. Some men's bikes can be colored pinkor purple, which is considered to be "girly."
2. The second difference between men's and women's bikes isthat the men's bike has more gears than the woman's bike does. Men like to havemore gears because they want to be able to go fast when they ride their bikes,while women don't need as many gears because they just want to go around townor go on a simple ride with friends or family members.
For more information, https://www.bikethesites.com/mens-vs-womens-bikes/ this may help you. If youneed more help, please let me know.

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2023-4-22 02:59:25
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2023-5-12 22:42:42
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