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leka 看全部
2023-3-26 15:52:15
My mother worked all the time in a beauty salon as a specialist in eyelash extensions. But for the second year now, it has been closed for repairs and it is not known when it will end. Therefore, she decided to do eyelash extensions at home because clients turn to her all the time. For work, we need a tool for removing glue when building. We can't buy quality. Does anyone have any information on where to buy this product?
Teddy_ 看全部
2023-3-26 19:52:01
And it turns out that you have run out of this tool in the salon? And where did you order this glue remover before? But you can ask the same masters. I am sure they will advise you where to find such a high-quality tool.
Stacysun 看全部
2023-3-26 22:12:25
In this case, it is better not to experiment and buy a proven tool. You understand that a low-quality lash glue remover can cause serious allergic reactions and your mom can have big problems because of this. Look for suppliers who have all the necessary quality certificates. Try google search.
martinharris 看全部
2023-3-27 17:26:40
And why does this happen?
greg0rsons 看全部
2023-3-29 09:49:04
Hello, how proud your mother is to be such a hard-working woman. I understand how difficult it is to have a business and have to close in order to make the necessary repairs. It's an excellent idea for her to continue working from home. I am the only place where I can recommend you to buy beauty items is in this store that sells all kinds of items for beauty salons, you can buy lash glue remover here  https://stacylash.com/collections/lash-removers  in that store, I recommend it, both for you and for anyone who needs items for a beauty salon or simply because they use beauty products

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