OrangePi 3 LTS nfs support on Debian server 看全部

Hi all!
Orange was flashed from the off site Orangepi3-lts_2.1.8_debian_buster_server_linux4.9.118.img on Linux 4.9.118-sun50iw6 in order to use it as an OMV server.
Has anyone tried enabling nfs on this kernel? I got an error:

mount: /proc/fs/nfsd: unknown filesystem type 'nfsd'.

Googling the question led me to several commands.

root@OMV:~# modprobe nfsd
modprobe: FATAL: Module nfsd not found in directory /lib/modules/4.9.118-sun50iw6

root@OMV:~#ls -l /lib/modules/$(uname -r)/kernel/fs
ls: cannot access '/lib/modules/4.9.118-sun50iw6/kernel/fs': No such file or directory

As, I understand that the kernel does not contain the necessary packages to work with the nfsd file system?
And what to do then? We are not launching ships into space, but we are trying to make "a simple share". Isn't that possible on this machine?

PS. "Rebuilding the kernel" sounds very scary.