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2016-5-1 09:38:48
today i received my new wireless usb adapter(tp link wn722n).
i tried to install the drivers/firmware for it via a script found on github via this link click
then when i try to run the command


  1. apt-get install make tar wget linux-header-$(uname -r)

i get the error that the package linux-headers-3.4.39 is not found.
then when i run this


  1. apt-cache search linux-headers
i can only see kernal versions of 4.0.0

i did edit the sources.list file
is it possible to upgrade to 4.0.0? if so, how?
is it possible to get the old(3.4.39) headers so i can get a step forward to installing the driver?

any help will be appreciated.

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