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2023-7-29 09:49:27
Orange Pi 1.0.0 Bookworm with Linux 6.1.31-sun50iw9 Opi Zero3 1gb

With 1gb you get the default 500mb ram allocated to /tmp which causes some downloads to fail (pip)
It has an entry in fstab `tmpfs /tmp tmpfs defaults,nosuid 0 0` which likely should be remarked so that the zram /tmp will be used.

Also its been a while and my memory is not the best but the drive factor (compression ratio max) seems to be missing.
I did my own zram-config a while ago as the default one is bad

There is a lot of legacy still remaining in the Opi-Zram config and its not the easiest to find out the settings or work out where they are.

Prob a zram entry in Opi-config would be a great addition especially for noobs.

PS this is also a great zram util as it uses overlayfs with a zram upper to load the whole root '/' and merges down on shutdown.
So its great for SD devices and also saves changes as its write once on shutdown.

H618 seems great but like the H616 file write does seem a bit slow even if a slight improvement over H616

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