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y52 看全部
2016-5-5 21:04:56
Is it possible in any way adding the 2nd ethernet interface to the OPI boards?
I was figuring out on how to replace my PC running router and other server applications with the OPI board.
The lack of the 2nd ethX is quite a constraint for that kind of use.

rodolfo 看全部
2016-5-9 14:32:50
Edited by rodolfo at 2016-5-9 07:37

Use a USB3 GLAN adapter to get up to 300mbps on the USB 2.0 ports. Enjoy.
y52 看全部
2016-5-20 05:07:54
Thnks. I thought about USB-LAN adapter. The cost is abt 7 USD on top. Probably for this new project it is worth buying a new SCB with 2 eth interfaces.
dx.l 看全部
2016-5-20 16:51:17
y52 看全部
2016-5-22 23:17:46
This is still an expensive solution and probably too much of a hassle for regular use.
It can meet only specific cases.

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