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I want to create a Intercom based on OrangePi.

Things it will have:

  • Backlit nameplates
  • Costumizeable doorbell (MP3 or WAV)
  • Voiceintercom for both ends (VOIP)
  • Voicebox if nobody is at home (VOIP)
  • Call a specific phonenumber if you are not at home for a longer preiod of time (VOIP)
  • Camera as survailance (IR optional)
  • Webinterface for voice and cam
  • Backlit nameplates and Buttons

optional stuff that may come:

  • Keypad to lock/unlock the door
  • RFID Reader to open the door with a Token/Card instead of keys or keypad
  • Send Voicebox Messages via E-Mail, Telegram
  • Log: Who did open the door if there is more then one Intercom in the house
  • Log: Who did use RFID to open the door
  • Secure remote webinterface
  • Temprature sensor

More to come based on feedback. I would love to hear from you what features may be added to the project.
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This sounds like a rather interesting project!  I am not that familiar with Orange Pi yet, but it seems very doable.  It has been a long time since I have lived in an apartment, but I will say that a 'video' intercom system would have been extremely handy back then (we lived in the way-back of a 100 unit building, 2 stories -- at a fast walking pace it took 3-4 minutes to get to the front door, and the intercom system wasn't sufficient enough to ID the person by the sound of their voice).

A buttonless system with a TFT touchscreen on the receiving end would be nice.  It can display weather/forecast (could even be set as a calendar with reminders) and automatically switch to the camera view when someone pushes your button.  I'm not sure if you are actually planning this for an apartment, but you could also incorporate programmable climate control, rather than have multiple boxes on the wall.  You could also set up an Android app (sorry, I'm not very familiar with iPhone products) that alerts you and streams the video right to your phone, and can also give you the ability to open the door from where ever you are.

With RFID, you could even go completely keyless and implement electronic door locks.  This would also be able to be programmed to, say, lock or unlock at a specific time, or to operate the lock remotely (from your smartphone) if you might have forgotten to.
yeah! it can be a  pretty useful project i think!
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