Unveiling Data Brokers: Who Are They and What Do They Do? 看全部

Hi there,
Anyone else out there hearing a lot about data brokers but unsure what they are or how they impact our privacy? Can anyone explain what data brokers are and how they work?
Hoping to get a better understanding of this whole thing!

Data brokers are basically the creepy data collectors of the internet. They grab info like addresses, phone numbers, social media, even legal records, and sell it to who knows who! No doubt it impacts our privacy. These sites provide links to opt out, which a goof news, but the information tends to reappear and probably dozens of sites obtain it. You can learn more through privacy protection companies, they break down the topic of data brokers + provide ways to fight back. I would recommend visiting Onerep website and learn more.
  • Bench Nikker
  • 2024-3-24 15:14:49
Opting out sounds like a mission, but hey, every step counts!
And thanks for the blog post recommendation!
  • 5# aali
  • 2024-5-25 16:24:42
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