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jernej 看全部
2016-5-13 06:45:49
I think I'm close to setup audio passthrough through HDMI. I would need someone who can test those passtrough modes. Any volunteer? Please write which modes you can test and which board do you have.

manatouboji 看全部
2016-5-13 13:53:49

I have both One and PC, and a home theatre system , I need OpenELEC to support DTS-HD passthrough, AFAP.
jernej 看全部
2016-5-13 13:58:39
Great, do you have any coding skills? It would go much faster... Expect first test image soon after the weekend.
manatouboji 看全部
2016-5-13 14:12:32
You'd better to create a new git branch.
jernej 看全部
2016-5-13 22:38:41
I created passthrough branch at https://github.com/jernejsk/OpenELEC-OPi2/tree/passthrough

There are two things to consider:
1. kernel drivers treats samples as 24 bit but kodi as 16 bit. Probably 24 bit hack should be removed in kernel.
2. kernel patch linux-93-hdmi-fix-raw-output.patch might be needed, just remove ".disabled" from file extension to test

Please build, test and report
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