Drop backported DVB drivers? 看全部

Edited by jernej at 2016-5-24 18:15

I would like your opinion if I should keep backported media drivers or not. Main problem here is that some backported drivers doesn't work very well or not at all. Same can be said for native drivers. However, backported drivers can be sometimes PITA to maintain. Upstream OpenELEC deprecated backported media drivers long time ago.

If you don't know what media drivers are:
Media drivers mostly take care for DVB cards, capture devices, etc.

Images with non-backported drivers:

Images with backported drivers:
Check prebuilt images


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I'm going to test how does it work. I assume you mean only dvb drivers, so my wifi usb dongle (ralink) should be ok, right?
ITE9135 seems to still be broken unfortunately.
Many thanks for your contribution though, big respect.
  • Floor jernej
  • 2016-5-25 23:46:08
Yes, this doesn't affect any other drivers. wifi will work just fine (if it is before)
So I see no reason to drop them. I thought drop backported drivers will fix ite9135. If not, better to keep backported drivers.
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