hdmi->lvds/rgb rtd2660 firmware sources (RTD2660_AV1_AV2.zip) 看全部

sources of firmware/docs for well known RTD2660/2662 hdmi/vga -> lvds/rgb converter. (http://pccar.ru/showthread.php?t=22851 and http://openrtd2662.ru/ for russian languaged)


reading the http://openrtd2662.ru/ rtd6220 can be controlled from external controller by i2c and has many unused possibilities. i didn't read the sources, but this controller is one from cheapest (from $11 for board on aliexpress) and the most popular. and maybe here is someone who want and can to write good opensource firmware (firmwares in the internet are closed and not so good) and linux control center (the best on python, no # or java)

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